Thursday, September 4, 2008

You have to read this jogging attempt, lol

I just took Peanut for her morning walk/jog. Figured since I was off I'd try to get 2 in today. When by myself with JP and Peanut I use the jogging stroller that I bought for $10. Peanut has learned quickly to walk by the front wheel which is a perfect spot. This one has been heavily used, in storage and has a front wheel that does not turn - structural design, not an issue of being broken. To turn I have to lift the stroller and turn it. Which puts stress on the frame. One pin is already missing and the stroller half collapsed. Not a big deal. I can still wheel it but it takes more work and I'm trying to keep Peanut off the road. Then a pin on the other side disappeared. The stroller collapses - JP was fine but can't ride in the stroller. By now the stroller looks like a drag racing version - low to the ground and long. Great. I'm 1/4 mile from home and have to keep Peanut on a leash, the stroller moving and carry JP who is over 20lbs and who also likes to lean forward and risk falling. THEN the front wheel pops off. OK fine... I'm a woman, we're resourceful and inventive. I discovered that if I kicked the back axle then the front tipped up enough that I could still wheel it behind me. THEN something else collapsed - at this point i have no idea what and I'm in no mood to figure it out. Now the stroller is unwheelable because the front half is all but a fabric and metal puddle on the road. I'm in an area where I can't get far enough off the road to fix anything quick. I then have to carry JP AND the stroller while somehow holding onto the front wheel and Peanut's leash. While doing this I have the back axle of the stroller banging into my leg. I'm waiting for the huge bruise to develop. Oh and our road is not exactly the easiest to walk on due to insane drivers and little to no shoulders on the road. I got to the very edge of the yard and dropped the stroller and threw the front wheel. Then dragged the stroller in more.

Temperamental has been a word occasionally used to describe me, lol.

I COULD have had the stroller I wanted for $50.00 from craigslist. The nice Jeep one with the steering wheel for JP to play with. but NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.. I had to find one that was old for $10.00 to keep Joe from complaining. Well guess who's complaining now (btw 'complaining' was NOT the word used when this story was emailed to a few friends. I was furious at the time) . Joe will be lucky if I don't go out and buy the one I want new for under $100.00.

he just called and has been informed and warned.To give him credit all he said was that he was sorry.. then wisely got off the phone quickly.

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