Monday, September 1, 2008

Harness Bulge!!!!

Or maybe that's the 'toddler-now- eating- solids' 10

When we adopted Peanut she weighed a delicate 19lbs. Seemed a little low but the vet assured us that she was a 'petite' corgi. On average she's run between 19-22lbs for a couple of years. Been about 18 months since she was last weighed... maybe 2 years. JP's been eating solids and such since what? a year ago? with more and more interesting foods in the last 6-8months. I knew Peanut was hoovering (great term Dani) some of them, but didn't think it was THAT much. Peanut is also on a raw bones and meat diet (interested? look up B.A.R.F. for dogs online) This tends to keep cats and dogs at an optimal healthy weight. Guess peanut butter sandwiches, goldfish cracker and chicken nuggets aren't a part of that huh? I was looking at Peanut this morning and it dawned on me that her tummy was sticking up when she was lying on her side. Then I was petting her later and I realized that I could no longer feel her ribs (easy way to determine if a dog is overweight). I dragged out the baby scale to see how cooperative she would be. It almost worked but I got an idea. My svelte, petite puppy now weighs in the ballpark of ......

30LBS!!!!!! Ack!!! thats not good in a cogi that should weigh no more then 22-25lbs.

So now we have started the nightly family walk. Benefits Peanut and me in losing weight.. Joe in gaining conditioning and JP in entertainment, lol. Our goal tonight was a short walk. I put Peanuts harness on her and while on the walk noticed the fat roll over the harness straps. Poor dog. I've known that Peanut needs more exercise in general for her mood swings. She has way too much pent up energy which leads to a cranky dog. Cesar Milan recommends a 45min walk daily. Tonights run was about 25-30minutes. Peanut loved it! She didn't even want to walk! She and I jogged a good portion of it. Who knew that she could actually be my jogging buddy! Neither of us can run long or far so why not, lol. I do have to be careful and watch her as she has bilater hip dysplasia... mild but noticeable.

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