Monday, September 29, 2008

New! - Lean - Cuisine-ish Blogmercials!

The following conversation came to me in an email this morning and just cracked me up. Granted I am working on sleep deprivation... and its my morning to be at work by 6:30am (6:38 was today - but I was still in first, lol).

The conversation was started last night btwn some friends and I over what we made for dinner last night. Since I do meal planning, I've gotten back into different dishes. The majority of these are very easy but sound impressive. Sunday's I do try to do something a bit more special....

......I know! Talking to Kelly is like being in one of those Lean Cuisine commercials.

Me: I had sloppy joe's

Kate: I had frozen ravioli

Kelly: I had Balsamic chicken with Balsamic reduction fancy stuff and mashed things (the mashed things were seasoned and mashed chickpeas)

If it makes anyone feel better tonight's meal is ....... Pizza, lol


Boo said...

I didn't take part in this particular email Kelly, but just so you know...Tim made us Mexican. As in taco's. YUMMY!

I like to think that we cook different meals in this house hold too. We just don't do meal planning until we're at the shopping center, so I don't talk about it!

Kelly said...

we're having taco's next week... i haven't had simple tacos in ages and I'm looking forward to it, lol

ncp said...

You make me sick ;) You know what are having next week?!!!! UGH, I am not even working now and I don't know what I am having tonight!!!!

Kelly said...

lol... meal planning is saving us money.. thats why I started it. then i remembered that i liked cooking and started looking for different things... make an arkansas native dish...corn maybe? lol

ncp said...

I believe that a native AR dish is okra and no one in this family is a big fan of okra!! Then there are always the typical southern dishes, grits, black eyed peas, collard greens. Still not a big fan of those either. I will stick to NY dishes, like pizza! :)

Irishembi said...

HeeHee! Mashed things / chickpeas.

All the same to me. :-)