Friday, September 19, 2008

Never conduct business via text messaging....

I've had an amusing week or so at work. Those that know me well, know the days that this is the opposite so it's nice to have weeks like this.

My boss is a very dynamic, driven individual who typically takes on more than she can do. Which leads to me the so called Clinical Coordinator... in reality that means well.. Clinical Coordinator, personal secretary, blah, blah, blah. Helps with job security though and most days I like my job even if I'm grumpy. Well my boss has taken on a lot more challenges of late.. most of her own doing. I've been a whirlwind while flying thru website editing ( i am managing but have no idea of what I'm doing), replacing hard drives, standard office responsibilities, etc, etc ,etc. Whats made it more amusing then usual is that she is aware that she's driving me crazy and has been told as such, lol. Well one of the things I do is also arrange her travel when needed. She's been inivited to speak at a huge event in Washington DC. I'm proud to say that she is the only non civilian to be invited to be on a panel at Academy Women in October. We've been back and forth on booking a shuttle flight since Monday. Today my boss left early and as is sometimes normal she then starts text messaging me, lol. At one point today she text messages me to book the flight. She was in and out of appointments and I had a few questions regarding flight times. So I end up booking her out of Newark to Washington DC Airport... this was after waiting about an hour for the info I needed. Of course as soon as I book the flight she texts me wanting an earlier return flight. Which is now a slim chance - should have added on the flight insurance to make changes. As I'm texting her back she calls me... sigh... to tell me that she was told Laguardia was the better which point I had to inform her it was too late and we were set for the other airport. We've mutually agreed that text messaging is not the best when needing specific info, having time restrictions and she was in and out of being able to contact me. Good thing is if the tickets need to be cancelled she can get credit as I booked her on a flight thats the same airline as her Frequent Flier account.

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