Friday, September 19, 2008

How do women survive when men are sick...

So Joe's 'Man Cold' is passing... sort of. Tuesday he valiantly gathered his meager energy and plodded off to work. How generous of him to work when so ill. Thankfully Wednesday he could conserve his energy at night and get a much needed restful nights sleep. While coughing up a lung and sniffling loud enough to wake the dead. Ugh...boys are so icky sometimes. Cover you darn mouth and blow your nose with the box of tissues for heaven's sake! Now his germs are free flying all over the bedroom - thank you so much. Last night, Thursday, was particularly amusing. After Joe got home we ate dinner. It was all the poor man could do to hold his head up and eat. Well you would figure that this was the perfect time for Joe to lie down after dinner. What do I hear now? "Well what about JP, I need to be there for him"


Need I remind any of you about my small, cozy, cottage sized home? I think I can manage on my own as I frequently do. It's really not that hard. Now tonight Joe was determined to get JP to sleep. SIGH. This means he's going to lie down with JP at 8pm and try to get him to sleep. Meanwhile my mean method of lying him in his crib is not good. After all he falls asleep in about 5 minutes in his crib and sleeps better and longer. Nooooooooooooo Joe lied down with Jp while watching Pearl Harbour. This was at 8pm. At 8:40 I was tired of listening to JP giggle while supposedly sleeping. I went in and said 15 more minutes and then he goes to his crib. 15 minutes later I go back in. What the heck!? From Joe's reaction you would think we were moving out and he would never see him again. He cuddled JP, told him how much he loved him while having tears in his eys. Uhmmmmm.. He's going one room away and you'll see him tomorrow. Heck if you want get up with him in the middle of the night then go ahead. PLUS .. and this is such a sore subject with me.. Joe's on MY side of the bed again! Now this may not see a big deal but it really is. Joe makes a mess of my side of the bed and never puts things back the way they belong. I've asked 1000+ times for him to leave my side of the bed alone. He won't. To me its disrespectful. Now he's sleeping on my side of the bed.. with my pillows.. my blankets and his gersm. JP already has his cold because he doesn't care about protecting him. Yes I know JP will get sick. Last year my nickname for him at times was SLIMY... however I don't need it because Joe is careless and selfish.

yes this turned into a rant.. with luck by morning I'll calm down and edit.

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katiebear said...

well, at least he's not dying anymore. he's past the critical stage. hopefully you don't get sick. i HATE when people lay on my side of the bed. blech.