Monday, September 22, 2008

.......and all the heroin you want!

Don't you love walking in on the end of a conversation? Sometimes the timing is absolutely perfect and it's as if it's the perfect set up for a comedy sketch. I've had a crazy day. Not bad so much as insanely crazy if that makes sense. I was more than happy to leave at 4pm... except I really didn't leave until 5:45. On the way home I was picking up a Monday night special pizza... only $8.99. Hope this thing tastes good. Of course the thought was to watch Monday Night football with JP and Joe.. except Joe got sucked into a vortex at his parents house ans is not home yet. I stopped at the pizzeria and walked in. I've been there before and its a small deli/pizzeria with low light, red topped tables and red and white checked curtains. Being that Monday's are slow there was only one other customer in there talking to the owner/employee (not sure which he was). As I'm walking up to the counter he finishes what must have been an interesting conversation with:

"..... and all the Heroin you want!"

I asked if I ordered the right pizza or there was a secret menu, lol. To be honest to look on his face was slightly embarrassed which is what I would have been as well. We joked around a bit more and just had a good laugh which I desperately needed, lol.... although he did warn me the pizza may make me very relaxed and I may wake up with a hangover, lol.

*disclaimer* - I do not endorse, nor find the use of recreational drugs as a light hearted thing. Being that I KNEW I walked in on the end of a conversation that was sarcastic is why I found humor in this moment this evening.


Irishembi said...

And absolutely continuing in the vein of non-funny drug discussions.....
Did you know that pizzerias are notorious for dealing drugs? They have the perfect cover. Nobody thinks anything of different people coming in and out all night.
And if you ask me how I know that I will plead the Fifth.
New blog layout looks great!

Kelly said...

ugh would you believe that I forgot another reason I don't like recreational drugs... Tonight is the 7th anniversary of Joe's closest cousins death from drug overdose.