Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I got my first fishies!

Mom has been talking to dad for some time about getting something called an aquarium. Dad keeps saying no, and mom keeps agreeing while smiling. Tonight mom told me some online friends got a new fish... and I decided the time was right for me to have my first fishies. Mom told Dad how much I wanted them and he said ok. So off we went to the fish store. WOW! there are a LOT of fishies out there. We looked at things called Mollies, barbs, betta's, salt water, tetra's and finally found them. 2 teeny tiny baby goldfish in a big tank all by themselves. They can grow like me! Mom said they are called fantail goldfish and that they will be really pretty when big. Right now they are in a bowl large enough for them, but mom's plan is a 30 gallon community fish tank. I think she'll win in the end. Oh and mom helped me with some names. The people at the fish store laughed when we told them the names we picked out.. mom said I'll understand when I get older.


Sushi and Sashimi!

Hey.. i wasn't kidding when I said they were small...

Mom should have taken another pic ... not my best look huh? Oh well I was trying to hug them..
see! there they are at the bottom!


Dani said...

Ohhh boy, fishies!

I love that you used a pitcher, it looks adorable with the fish.

Kelly said...

its all part of my ultimate plan to get an aquarium..

part 1- get a fish or two
part 2 - use something in the house as a bowl
part 3 - upgrade to an aquarium
parts 4- whatever.... get the accessories little by little, lol

Kelly said...

hmmmm.. Houston we have a problem. Sushi and Sashimi didn't make it. I'm a little confused as to why as the pitcher and glass pebbles were properly washed and the water was conditioned. Guess we'll go fish shopping again. I was a bit worried as these 2 fishies were so small.

Life's a journey.. not a destination said...

Oh no, hope JP wasn't too attached just yet! I have NO luck with fish, which is too bad because I bet Caleb would love them.

katiebear said...

uh-oh. i was about to ask how jp was liking his fish. poor little things. good luck with the next ones!!