Tuesday, September 23, 2008


While I could never rival a professional seamstress with my sewing skills.. I do know my way around a sewing pattern and sewing machine. I've had a pile of material and notions for a year. This would be for new tops for my coworker and I for our job. I knew what my boss was looking for... but we couldn't find them. I found them in an easy to sew pattern.... except step 3 is not easy to understand! Everytime i think i get it I stop. The way I interpret it will leave a raw edge on one very visable part.... but i know thats not supposed to be that way. Its driving me crazy and I just want to get them done! I hate when my boss asks me about them.. although in my defense she won't let me sew them when at work during patient hours... kinda limits my sewing time and at home....well home life is a priority. I need a sewing fairy to come in the night and do them up.

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