Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Security Sneakers?

Security items for children are a very common thing. I always thought that all children fixated on something, I've since found out that that is not necessarily true. I remember my security items as I apparently had 2. One was a typical pink blanket with satin trim. The other I have one memory of, but knowing it's condition of and knowing what the memory is, well it was definitely a security item. My uncle had given me a green Gund poodle. I don't remember it in it's hey day. I remember it as the poodle with the huge bald spots worn by loving hands. My 1 memory is of my mom carrying me thru the living room, while I held the poodle. My mom was telling me to shush because my uncle was sleeping. This, sadly, is the only memory I have of my uncle as well. He was hit by a drunk driver when I was very young. For this reason I keep that memory close to my heart, and will soon go thru my mom's attic to find this green poodle again. Yes I kept it all these years.

I've been wondering if JP would ever find a security item. We have lovies, soft small pillows, blankets.. but nothing that he's developed a long term interest in. There was the musical elephant which while cute... I did hope he didn't want to drag everywhere, lol. The song gets a bit mind numbing at times. Then we have Ellie.. his soft, plush bedtime elephant. He may not have much of an attachement, but I make sure Ellie is around when he naps or goes to sleep.

Today I got a glimpse of a possible, strong attachment item....

one of his blankies? - no
one of his elephants? - no
a lovie? - nope


it's one of his Thomas the Tank ...SNEAKERS! yes you read that right. My child has developed a fascination with a sneaker. He'll occasionally walk around the house with one in his hands.. and it's become the best distraction while changing his diaper. This morning I had to send him to day care looking like a retired man from Florida... with socks and sandals on. He had an absolute death grip on the sneaker and wouldn't let go. Being that I could NOT find the other and I was already late I let him hold onto it. He carried it out to the car and still wouldn't let go. I had visions of having to explain to Dani (childcare) that I needed her to watch out so that we didn't lose the sneaker, lol. Thankfully he was ok to leave it in my car.. where it now sits, alone, on his car seat.

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