Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The frail ego of my girl...

Poor Peanut.

Previously I've written about her embarrassing harness bulges. We'd started nightly walks until my heel pain got severe. Unfortunately Joe won't take her on his own.
One day last week I really looked at her nails. Peanut's nails would have been the envy of a drag queen! I wouldn't take her on an extended walk until they were trimmed and comfortable again.

Taking her to the groomer for regular trimmings was always Joe's job and he was good at remembering. It was one of those things I just didn't have to focus on. Joe now couldn't find the time so of course it fell to me. On Monday I got out at 4.. raced home.. picked her up and took her to the groomer.

He and his wife are wonderful. Too bad Peanut doesn't share that opinion. First off she was SO excited to be in the car with just me. It was like old times and we were out for a drive for no reason. Yep.. she sulked all the way home, lol.

When we walked into the groomers she was doing her best to get back out as usual, lol. Ken came out from the back and we talked for a few minutes. He then looked at Peanut. His first comment was:

"wow did she put on weight!"

Poor Peanut.. you could see her ears droop ever so slightly.. and she then made a bigger effort at leaving, lol. Peanut didn't even fit into her 'fat' sweater that used to float on her. Now we're back to either walks/jogs or just lots of active play. Hopefully by the New Year she'll be back to her usual slim self. She'd better be because I'm not buying her a new wardrobe for Christmas, lol.

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