Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sunday's misc musings

I started off today's blog with some set ideas on what to write, lol..... Then my mind started to wander off a bit more and it's become an entry with a couple of tangents, lol.

First off I'd like to tell anyone that may be checking out my blog because of, that I don't always have sad posts. This was just a really off week with a lot of frustrations.

This morning I'm sitting next to my son at the kitchen table as he eats breakfast. My independent child is feeding himself oatmeal.

Luckily most of it is making it into his mouth.. but we're still working on being a really neat oatmeal eater.

Messy as kids can be I am thinking of some of those time stopping moments in life. Those oh so sweet moments that make you so glad to have children as a part of your life. Being that JP has entered the first of the terrible toddler phases, I need to treasure these moments, lol.

Tuesday was a sad day for me. However JP is always there to make me laugh. We'd had a good evening and I was getting him ready for bed. We were relaxing on the couch and he was lying down. I was stroking his hair to calm him down and stopped for a second. He grabbed my hand and started running my hand down one side of his face then the other. It was such a sweet moment. He did that for about 5 minutes. I then laid him in his crib and stroked his hair one last time. At which point he smiled and drifted off to sleep.

He's such a great kid. I am so thankful I have him.

Ahh well, time to keep busy and productive:

My plans for this beautiful Sunday are so exciting, lol.

I started off with a rip-roaring session of dishes, and am moving on to laundry next. The last time I'd washed JP's cloth diapers I hadn't rinsed them enough. The few I've tried have caused slight redness and irritation so I need to rewash them.

grocery shopping

Clean the bathroom

start making space in our 1 walk in closet - to put things where they belong

Start sewing the cage liners for the chinchilla cages - great idea from a web site and less mess from shavings.

Play with JP and Peanut and get some of their energy burned off

De clutter a bit more - heck in some areas of my home you can see the progress I've made.

Now this sounds terrible, but I have a reason for having to do so much. I made the mistake of trying to get Joe to see how little he does. My house is such a mess that I won't show pics of it to friends, lol. After the last 2 weeks with my oh so helpful and supportive husband I've come to realize he will never do anything inside or outside. His only desired capabilities are eating, sleeping, showering and washing his own clothes. In his eyes thats all he needs to do because he's tired from work. Amazing how my job must give me energy to do everything else.

I know I'm happier in a clean, organized home so it's back to being all on me to create and maintain a safe, clean, welcoming, huggable home for JP and I. This will come back to Joe in ways he won't like if he doesn't grow up. A couple of years ago I'd gotten my home beautiful using the system. It does work, but I'm having trouble getting started again. I'm going to keep working on that as well as using the daily lists from it's an equally great system and so affordable at $8.00 for a year planner, just be prepared to have a lot of paper on hand to print it all. I'm printing them off now from the 2009 download and just changing dates till the end of the month. If you do the same, remember to change the dates and not the days. She has the days of the week set up in certain ways for a reason.. liek the pamper yourself Sunday, lol.

When my home was clean, orderly and welcoming before I came to a realization. Even doing it all on my own I was so much happier! This was during my pregnancy when I was battling massive depression. My clean home really helped and I realized that while we may view it as an outdated source of pride... it WORKS! Which probably explains why those housewives of years gone by were happy taking care of the home. It may seem demeaning to some but the sense of pride you have in keeping your home in such a wonderful state improves all areas of your life. I gave up due to some issues with Joe and let my pregnancy depression undo all my hard work. That depression was so much worse then the 'baby blues'. (Another friend and I are talking about starting a blog as she suffered equally from post partum depression. I'll put a link in my blog list should we ever get it up and running.) However once your home is de clutterred and clean it really does only take a little bit of time each day and maybe up to an hour once a week to keep it wonderful.

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ncp said...

Sounds like a great idea. When you come down to cook my weekly meals, would you mind decluttering for me as well ;)