Saturday, October 11, 2008

I love good yard sale finds!

Joe and I argue over this a lot. I have saved us so much money by getting things we'd like or need at yard sales. There is a once a year town wide yard sale near me. I've been planning to go with my mom and her friend all week.

They got good buys... I made out awesome. I actually had to stop shopping because I had no more room in my car due to bulky things.

I got:
  1. new speakers for my computer
  2. battery operated cookie press
  3. King size sheet set - brand new - pale yellow tshirt material
  4. vivitar camera tripod with a level
  5. play rug for JP with the road on it and a rescue theme (fire dept/police station)
  6. toaster oven
  7. microwave - ours doesn't turn anymore and is small
  8. fall wreath for the front door
  9. soft silicone truck for JP - that was given to him free of charge by a very nice lady
  10. galileo thermometer - I've wanted one for years and this is tall with a pretty hanging bracket
  11. 3 double panel superyard things. I wanted more to go camping with and have a huge area for JP or Peanut. I now have 7 of these double panels.

I paid $41.00 total for ALL of that!

plus JP said his first recognizable phrase. I had 2 witnesses. To bad it wasn't a happy thing. He's feeling icky again and we think the ear infection is now both ears. I'm not exactly thrilled that Joe never gave him his meds yesterday. Needless to say he wasn't a completely happy camper while we shopped. As I was loading the last of the goods into my car my mom was holding him. Then he said thru tears :

"I want Mama"

poor baby. At least I know he can talk.. he just doesn't want to talk all the time.. or I'm not understanding him at all. He's sleeping now and now I have to find and put all this stuff in its place. I just had to share my finds.


Dani said...

Wow, sweet deals. I looked forward all week to the consignment sale I went to. It was the first time I went and it was sure worth it.

I can't believe you got all those goodies for $41.00!!!

ncp said...

Nothing better then a good shopping day!!!!
Hope JP feels better soon.