Friday, October 31, 2008

Trick or Treat!

We took JP out for his first adventure in Trick or Treating. He was so cute. It took no more then 3 houses to get the routine down pat. Knock on the door... smile and look cute.. and then get a piece of candy. He was so good that even when offered a couple of pieces, he still took one. The people in my IL's neighborhood were so good to JP that he still made off with quite the stash, lol. Near the end he took a Peanut Butter cup from one woman. I opened his bag to have him drop it in.. and he tossed it aside for a chance at the mother load in the bag, lol. Oh it was so cute. I just rescued the abandoned PB cup and put it in the bag and off we went to the final few homes. I'll get pics up in a few days. Our goal was to go as a ghost, but he wasn't thrilled, so it ended up being a fireman costume that my IL's had for him. Better choice anyway because it was fleece and nice and warm.

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