Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Hrmphh.. my first real ear infection :/

JP here...

....remember that pic mom took and posted of me a few days ago? the one where I had a fever and didn't feel so good? Well my fever has come and gone since Saturday. Every time we thought it was gone it would spike back up. Last night I started sweating and we thought we were finally over this. Mom left for work this morning and I was sitting up happy as a clam watching Blue's Clues. By the time mom came home I wasn't feeling good again :( . Dad left for work and Mom took my temp...AGAIN.. and it was 101.5. So mom packed me up and said it was time to see the Dr. He was really nice .. well aside from sticking those things in my ears and that wooden thing on my tongue. He was quite lucky I didn't deposit my freshly eaten PB sandwich on him. He told mom I had an ear infection on the left, a red swollen throat and one swollen tonsil. He also stuck a long stick with a cotton thing on it on my tonsil...( didn't he JUST say it was sore!?) Anyway.. he said that came back negative and then he gave me TWO stickers! Still didn't make up for everything, but I'm letting it slide. I'm on some yummy tasting pink stuff and some yummy tasting purple stuff per the dr. I'm still not willing to eat much and have it irritate my throat, but I am eating more. Once my throat stops hurting I'm going back on my weight gaining binge...see if mommy tells me no junk food then. (she probably wont) Oh and I did make mommy laugh really good tonight. I was wandering and getting into trouble and I saw my diaper bag. Well there was a bag of goldfishies right on top. I was nice as I could have opened it up and dumped them all on the floor. Its what I like to do. However Mommy was sad that I was so sick so I took them over to her and gave her my 'look'. I was so cute she gave me goldfishies to eat up. I'm beat... and I need my rest so I'm going to bed now. I'm hoping this ear and throat thing are all better in the morning, or at least not hurting.

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ncp said...

Cute story. Get better soon JP!!