Thursday, October 2, 2008

Security Sneaker - 2 / Mom -0

Yesterday I wrote about JP's 'security sneaker' and how I ended up putting sandals and socks on him, instead of the sneakers and socks.

Today I went to put JP down for his morning nap. He and I have developed a nice routine where he goes down to sleep at about11am and will sleep for 1.5 -5 hours.

Not today. Today was NAP WAR!

Put in his crib at 11.. played and bounced until 12:15. Was assisted in lying down a few times by me..but he was just not having any of it.

Out of crib for lunch break and 30 min of quiet time to unwind.

One lunch, one diaper change, one cup of milk, one cup of water and 1.5 hours later we were STILL battling nap time. He was visably tired but refused to go to sleep. Blankets were thrown out of the crib.. his sleep time elephant was flung across the room (small room, but still), jumping was the main event of the day. He only started getting mad when I was in his room to put things away and wouldn't acknowledge his jumping.

While all of this was going on I was cleaning the living room. I found one of his sneakers.. the other is still MIA. On a whim I decided to see what happened when I gave him Security Sneaker.

He took it with a smile and lied down to play with 'sneakie'.

10 minutes later he was asleep....

Then came bedtime... in the crib at 8pm as usual. Snuggly baby yawning and rubbing eyes and ready for bed.... 8:30.. a sippy cup of milk .. 8:45 still awake. Time for Security Sneaker!!!

sigh :(

it's now a little after 9pm. I went into to check on JP. same pose as the picture above.. but the time Security Sneaker is next to his head. If I can get a pic without waking him up I will. I've told Joe that I am taking JP shopping this weekend for a more appropriate security item. I'm eyeing 2 Thomas the Tank cuddle pillows at Target... wish me luck.


katiebear said...

precious!!! he has good fashion sense ;)

Dani said...

LOL, well he's unique!

Cassidy likes her blankies, but I keep rotating them so she doesn't become attached to only ONE and then I'm screwed if it gets lost.

Kelly said...

thats my fear.. that he;ll get attached to something i can't replace. I'm going to have to go on a Thomas the train pillow or blankie hunt to find something better. You should have seen my hunt for another similar pair of sneakers for the next size up. Luckily I found a pair on ebay and won them , lol

ncp said...

You have two sneakers, keep one in a safe place, so if the other gets lost, you have a replacement. Buy other sneakers for him to wear.
Buying something new isn't going to work, so don't fight it!!!
If it were me, I would buy a couple more pairs of identical sneakers, so you won't have to worry about losing them.
I think the sneaker security item is cute :)

Kelly said...

i can't find this sneaker any where else, lol.. and 1 is once again lost in the house.