Monday, October 13, 2008

Yes he does talk...

After the phrase JP said on Saturday, he's becoming more understandably vocal.

Maybe not to the general public, but words are becoming clearer finally, lol.

This weekends noticeable words or phrases were:

I want mama - and various forms of that since he still doesn't feel great
yumm or yummy
what's that? - uttered at a 3:30am ear infection wake up call when I had some Motrin for him
boo - we've been working on this as we're dressing him as a ghost for halloween
nana - when he saw my mom yesterday

some he's been saying, but the rest are becoming more defined.

My mom has been pressuring me a little because he isn't really speaking. He's hit every milestone on schedule and I know he's smart, he just isn't in a hurry to speak. I'm glad she heard some of these. She told me yesterday that he doesn't have to speak because I hand him things like a drink or food when he grunts. I asked her what was I supposed to do - withhold them for a few hours until he does say the words? She said yes and I then asked what day she'd like to babysit so she can do it. Point made, lol.


Boo said...

He knows MY name!!

ncp said...

Just think how much fun grandma will have once he starts talking non stop and she gets to babysit :)
She will be wishing for silence.