Sunday, October 26, 2008

The GPS units are NOT always accurate, lol

This post will have 2 different stories about how sometimes people trust their GPS a little too much.

I have someone coming to my home today to pick up a cage for small animals. I just re-homed several chinchillas and now get to clean out that corner. Which means I get to get rid of this large cage.

I spoke with the woman picking it up and she said to just giver her the address and her GPS will get her here. Last time someone said that to me they were over an hour late.

The problem with my home is that there are 2 roads with the same name in the same town. Brilliant huh? they are also in different counties, but the other comes into the one I live in. What makes it better is that the roads come very close to each other near me.. but they never connect.

I emailed this woman directions so that she has an ide of which to look for. She used to work out here so it shouldn't be a big issue.

The GPS thing that cracks me up is my job. I've had 2 people call and say they couldn't find us. I ask what part of the directions were wrong (I've NEVER gotten anyone lost in 7 years and 2 locations). They each then admitted that they used their GPS. I had one person ARGUE with me! I actually said to him that I understood he had the GPS.. but I was standing in the office and knew where I was. The problem with work is that my work addressis on a road called 17K. This road changes to one called Broadway about 5 miles down. The GPS systems send people to the street number on the Broadway section. Let me tell you that is also not the nicest place to be.

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