Saturday, October 4, 2008

"Seriously Mom.. ....

........ do i look like I feel like being even the tiniest bit cute right now"

Poor JP has come down with quite the cold. It's his first time with a temp over 101. Right after this pic was taken it was 103.4. He was not amused with anything today. He's feeling a bit better now and is up and running around a little. He's got a strong immune system so hopefully this will be out of his system by tomorrow.

Oh and the sneaker he's holding isn't Security Sneaker... it's his new Thomas the Tank light up sneakers I bought for him in the next size up.

The more I look at this photo the more it hits me that he just doesn't look like his age. He's only 19months old, but looks older. Then again he never did have that look of a baby. I have one pic of him at 6 months that people often ask if he's 2. oh well.

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Michelle M. said...

This is my few visit to your blog. I hope your little guy is feeling better.