Friday, July 4, 2008

2 for 1 special

I've had a bad cough for 2.5 weeks... JP has had similar for about 2 weeks. Today he woke up coughing terribly and I decided not to wait till next week for an appointment with a pediatrician. We went to urgent care although I felt foolish for going with just a cold, but they assured me the length of the colds was more than enough to be a concern. We are now both on antibiotics. Me for the upper respitory infection that won't clear.. and JP for the same as well as a precaution as his eardrums are red, although not bulging. JP was a terror in the office and the doctor said 2 things which made me laugh. First was that while both of us held him down for the ear examination he commented on how strong JP was. My little iron man of the future maybe? Second, at the end of the appointment he asked if this was JP's normal 'spirited' temperment... in a way that said he thought it was. I laughed and said no, thats another reason that I knew something was wrong. JP is a happy, even tempered kid normally. The tasmanian devil I was dealing with was NOT my usual baby. He's had his first dose and I think he would have sucked the syringe down if it had tasted the same. Silly me thought he would hate the medicine (this is his first experience with antibiotics). At least I know it will be fairly easy to give him his meds. And can someone explain to me how you give a baby 3 doses a day ...8 hours apart.. without having to wake them once? I can't figure out the timing. JP sleeps from about 8:30 pm - 7am.

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ncp said...

If the medicine truely has to be given 8 hours apart, you will need to wake him up.
Did you ask the Dr if you could put the doses closer together?
I had clients wake up their kids to give meds to, because it had to be done at exact times, but doesn't always have to be that way.
Check with the Dr or pray he only wake up part of the way, takes the meds and goes right back to sleep.
Good luck and hope you are both feeling better, soon!!!!