Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Ahhhh the honeymoon is over, lol

I knew it was too good to be true. My pretty car just couldn't work perfectly with a simple heater core repair. She's gone about 500miles and the battery light came on. With my usual luck this means the altenator needs to be replaced. However let's face it.. 15 months non-activity was bound to have some repercussions. It was scheduled to go to the shop tomorrow. For a change Joe did the right thing and was going to have it checked out. I went to turn into our road and had to stop. Had almost no power when I pressed ont he gas. Just barely got the mile in to the house. Now of course Joe is pitching a fit.. but what are you going to do. The odds of NOTHING else having an issue after sitting for 15 months is slim. I expected something to happen. SO it's the altenator. heck I should know how to replace these things now, I've had them go enough, lol. Joe's friend is coming up and should be here when Joe gets back with the part.


update: fixed and ready to go. Had a couple of glitches, some sort of ground connection and a lost screw thats still MIA, but all is done and my car is running once again.

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