Friday, July 18, 2008

Today is the full moon and boy can you tell.

Aside from a horrendous week of which the full moon was part of. today has been weird to say the least. I went out to lunch and rolled the windows down. Went to put them back up (power windows) and it got stuck with about 4 inches to go. Not an urgent issue, no rain forecast for today. So I sent a text message to Joe that the window is stuck. He sent me a mssg back....

"what happened"

uhmmmmmm.. I rolled the window down... I rolled it up and it got stuck. I 'thought' that was pretty succinct. Should I have added in details of inches down or timing? Then he calls me. Really.. I'm not stressed about this. The poor car is bound to have some issues for sitting for so long. There is no isolated rain cloud sitting over my car. It's a hot sunny day. the window can stay down.

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