Sunday, July 13, 2008

here we go again.. CHI - does not always finish in HUAHUA!

Yep.. got ANOTHER brilliant phone call over my ad for chinchillas. Now I do understand excitement on thinking you can get something you want for a ridiculously low price. However take the 2 seconds to read properly. second do NOT give the seller a hard time when you are convinced its a dog and you keep ignoring whats said!

C: uhmmm hi.. yes I'm calling about the Chihuahua's - what ages are they?
-for the record this is in the ad so I was annoyed off the bat
M: they are chinchillas...
C: (interrupting me)..yes the dogs! how old are they?
M: they are NOT dogs, they are chinchillas.
C: oh you have chinchillas too?
M: thank you for calling, good bye

I've had a few weird calls including a 'petting zoo' that admitted to me they've lost rabbits to the heat and they have no air conditioned area for animals.. and they 'mist' when it gets too hot. Yeah.. fast way to kill a chinchilla. Why not invest $$ in an ac system instead of new animals. Luckily I've had 2 good calls. One looking for a pet for her 19 month old who was very happy with the info I gave her on chins not being a good pet for that age.. and a woman whom I'm delivering 2 chinchillas to this evening. sigh.. 7 more to go.

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ncp said...

I hope none of these people actually get thier dog. Any one that stupid couldn't possible take care of a pet!!!!!