Friday, July 11, 2008

It's a chinchilla.. not a chihuahua

I listed several of our chinchillas for sale this week. I got my first call this evening....

caller: "Hi, I'm calling about the chihuahua"
Me: "I'm sorry but it's not a chihuahua.. it's chinchillas"
C: "Oh, so it's sold already"
M: "no, it's not a dog"
C: "oh its a puppy?!"
M: "no it's a small rodent from the Andes mountain region"
C: "oh..uhmmmmm...can you tell me what breed it is and where it originates from"
M: "it's a small furry rodent from the Andes mountain region of south america"
C: "oh, uhmmm thank you very much"

I don't think they still grasp that it's not a dog.

Chihuahua - thanks Mexxi and Boo for the pic :)



katiebear said...

lol. now there's a bright person....

Dani (Zac and Cassidy's Mom) said...

Well, Duh!!

My neighbor had a chinchilla when I was growing up, such a cutie pie, her name was Tinsel. I think they are adorable.

Boo said...

I often keep Mexxi in a cage!

Irishembi said...

Who's on first?


No. Who's on first?

Yes, Who's on first.

That's What I said!

No, What's on Second.

Kelly said...

lol.. yeah I had a hard time not laughing while on the phone. It was so funny and I knew where it was headed. I almost expected another call from someone else to 'confirm' the 'chihuahua' was sold, lol