Wednesday, July 16, 2008

DMV- ugh!

DMV and I have never had a good relationship. They always ask for more than I have.. and I feel as if I can never give enough. It is pretty much routine for me to have to go to DMV more then once for anything. If allowed to stay in the building, then I'm going thru the line more than once. There is an office locally that is gracious beyond belief. In the past they have allowed me the use of their fax machine for the 7 times that my insurance company incorrectly filled out my insurance cards which were then faxed. I offered to pay some rent at that office that day. Well today is no different, except that Joe is doing all the running. My car is ready to be picked up. We need to register it first. I filled out the forms and he picked the forms, the insurance cards (perfectly completed) and my drivers license. Off to DMV he went. Luckily he went to the one in the town I work in and not the one previously mentioned. However it seems I forgot one my defense I have good reason. This car is not new to me, I've owned her for 3 years. I forgot to clip the title to the forms. The title that resides in a lock box in our closet at home... 30 minutes in the opposite direction. Since we are just renewing a car we already own I didn't think much of it. However this leads us into another problem that would have occurred. I have left a lot of things in my married name as I am lazy. Turns out my insurance was one of them. I never caught it when I get my forms or paperwork in the mail. I called them this morning and they were actually extremely easy to work with in regards to that. I thought I'd need a copy of my marriage certificate. Nope. Just the info and they got the new cards out to me asap. What I still failed to realize is that I was not married when we last registered the car. So I needed to complete another section of the forms AND have to pay $50.00 for a new title (used to be $10 -grrrrrr). So Joe is theoretically on his way to pick up the new forms.. and to get the title. Which I'm now praying is in the lockbox as I have a vague memory of 1 of our titles being missing. I don't think it's this one though. He has 4 hours to complete his mission today and get home in time to pick JP up from school..... let the countdown begin.

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