Thursday, July 17, 2008

All done

Joe got everything done, but ran about 30min late. So JP got picked up late again. Ugh. I was upset with him about that. I'd have waited to drive my car home to get JP picked up on time... except Joe also wanted to get adjusted so he still came to the office. It was so nice to drive my car again with the sunroof open. I had to laugh at myself though at some things, lol...

"Oh! I forgot the clock display doesn't work"
"Oh yeah - the dash lights are red!"
"Oops - that turn signal was higher then expected"

I did manage to test my stereo system very well though, lol

Oh and I'll tell you a silly story about my license plates that made both Joe and I a little sad yesterday. Apparently we both registered a car around the same time when NYS changed their plate designs years ago, this was before we met. Our license plates both started with 'AFZ' and we liked that they sort of matched. It was a silly little thing with us. Well because my plates were unregistered they apparently expire for some reason. So Joe had to get me new plates. He actually explained the plate story to the lady at DMV. Her advice was to report the plates stolen, but we;d have had to wait longer for them. Since getting my car on the road was a bigger deal he went with new plates :( . I'm impressed that he remembered why I wouldn't want new plates and tried to keep them somehow. I'm going to call DMV and see if I HAVE to return them if they've expired. Then I can keep one. It's one of those silly things that means something only to us, lol.

Oh and I forgot something important! it wasn't just the heater core that was gone. One of the brake lines was as well! I never noticed any difference but it was either shot at that time.. or about to be.


Boo said...

YAY! finally you have it back.

The plates changing thing isn't silly. Not to me anyway!

Kelly said...

thanks Boo :) I know Joe and I have our issues, but thats one of our nice things... or at least it was, lol