Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The times you wish you had a camera

JP has been doing something for a couple of weeks now thats silly of itself. He stands and bends over at the waist and puts his head on the ground. I'm determined to one day get a picture of this as its so cute. He did it today with a twist that left Joe and I shaking our heads. For some reason he took the bottom portion of a container for snacks and put it on his butt as he did this. So there he is being a human letter "A" with a bright yellow container on his butt like a saucy little beret, lol. There was just no way to get the camera in time for a pic, lol.


Irishembi said...

Cute! Meredith does that too. Except without the butt-hat. Only because she hasn't thought of it I'm sure.

Dani (Zac and Cassidy's Mom) said...

Cassidy does the bending over too, we keep waiting for her to do a somersault. Kudos to JP for his colorful butt-hat.

ncp said...

I think every child I have worked with has done this. But none has ever put anything on their butt. You must have a genius on your hands. :)
Maybe he will do it again and let you get a picture. It is definatly something you will want to show his future wife someday. :)